ThatsMyLeaf.com is retailer and wholesaler of leaf art products, such as leaf carving art, custom leaf carving from photos, leaf veins crafts and skeleton leaves products. we’re sure that once you see these beautiful works of art, you’ll be amazed at the quality and workmanship of these carefully crafted masterpieces.

Leaf art is a relatively new art form from china, and growing rapidly all over the world. This art is already exceeding all expectations in popularity.

Elegant, Sophisticated, Stylish and Unique – Leaf Carving Art

Leaf carving art is actually manual cutting and removal on a leaf’s surface to create an art work on a leaf. AN the veins add details into the subject material of the carving work. An anti-aging treatment helps the leaves exceed the durability of thick paper. Each leaf is approximately 8 to 10 inches in size from Chinar Tree. It is handmade, no painting or printing involved. “Amazing,” “Beautiful,” are the words first heard from our customers who purchased one of these.

 Buy your own Custom Leaf Carving!

Buy your own Custom Leaf Carving!

Also, We also make and sell Custom Leaf Carving from photos to meet our customer’s specific needs. Customer’s satisfaction is our priority.

Our skilled artists could turn your favorite photo into fine leaf carving art for your home, office, or for a gift to others, they capture the essence of each subject to create your own leaf. You will get a stunning signed masterpiece that is truly personal.

Skeleton Leaves Specialty – Leaf Veins Crafts



Natural Skeleton Leaves are good material for crafts, scrapbooking, card making and home decorations. We offer a large variety of skeleton leaves, including bodhi(Po or Pipal) leaves, rubber leaves, heart-shaped, butterfly-shaped, magnolia, kingkong, elm leaf, and many other rare species of skeleton leaf. We provide wide choice of sizes and colors, and new products are always under development.

Printable Skeleton Leaves are a kind of new printing material, with which you can create your own photo on leaf. That is a good chioce for crafters.

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